For years we had - individually and collectively - been guests at various conventions and conferences around the country, and indeed around the world, and we decided that we wanted to do one of our own. However we wanted to do a conference with a difference.

In the UK at least, the UFO Community, the Fortean Community, the Cryptozoological Community and the Pagan Community are four totally different things. We felt that this was a pity. There were and are people who regularly speak at conferences for each of these communities who have a lot of interesting things to impart to members of the other communities but until now never got the chance. We decided that as we had a foot in each of the camps we would do our best to ensure that the Weird Weekend would, each year, be a forum where people from all the different communities could meet, make friends and talk to each other. The first event was held in 2000, and annually since then, proving that our concept was a success beyond our wildest dreams....

Weird Weekend 7, Woolsery, 18-20 August 2006




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Weird Weekend 6, Exeter, 19-21 August 2005

A selection of pictures from the 2005 event.

Weird Weekend 5, Exeter, 20-22 August 2004

A selection of pictures from the 2004 event.

Weird Weekend 4, Exeter, 3-6 October 2003

A slideshow of pictures from the 2003 event

Weird Weekend 4, Exeter, 3-6 October 2003

A review of the 2003 event by Richard Freeman

Weird Weekend 4, Exeter, 3-6 October 2003

A review of the 2003 event by Mark Martin

Weird Weekend 3, Exeter, 3-6 May 2002 - PIX

Some pictures from WW3 ermmm produced by Mark North

Weird Weekend 3, Exeter, 3-6 May 2002.

Speakers Included: Larry Warren, Gail-Nina Anderson, Mike Hallowell, John Tindsley, Malcolm Robinson, Chris Moiser etc

WEIRD WEEKEND II: "A Local Conference for Local People", Exeter, 15-17 June 2001

Speakers: Matthew Williams, Sir Lawrence Gardner, Chris Moiser, Tim Matthews, Richard Freeman, Steve Jones, George Bishop, Jonathan Downes, Nigel Watson, and Joyce Howarth.

The Weird Weekend 2000,
Exeter, 5-7 May 2000.

Speakers: Nick Redfern, Richard Freeman, Mike Hallowell, David Farrant, Emmet Sweeney, Malcolm Robinson, Chris Moiser, Jon Downes and Mark Nor on the Sunday roam-around trip, which for WW 2000 was on