20-22nd August 2004

Weekend tickets only 15 / $30 per person.
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Or buy by post from the "CFZ Trust"
15 Holne Court, Exwick, Exeter, EX4 2NA

This August for the fifth time the great and the good of British cryptozoology will once again be converging upon the Cowick Barton Inn, Exeter for three days of cryptozoology, good food, good beer, good company and sheer fun.

As always, all proceeds go towards the CFZs ongoing programme of research and expeditions. This year we are raising money for:

  •   An expedition to Mongolia in 2005 to attempt to catch a pair of Death Worms and bring them back alive.
  •   Our third expedition to Sumatra to stay with the semi-nomadic Kubu people and gather the first ever collection of their oral traditions of unknown animals
  •   Maintainance of our first ever nature reserve
  •   A project - together with Team Cryptokeeper - to search for giant snapping turtles in the Texas swamplands
  •   A hunt for the black `panthers` of the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois
  • This years line up is better than ever.

    We can provide you with a list of cheap B&Bs or hotels in the vicinity, and the venue itself as well as hosting the cream of forteana for three days serves a wide range of excellent food and drink. What have you got to lose? (Apart from fifteen quid that is).

    Come and join us!

  •   Patrick Harpur: A daemonic interpretation of the "little people".
  •   Ronan Coghlan: The British Bigfoot.
  •   Richard Freeman: Hidden Valleys, Apemen and Giant Snakes - the lost world of Sumatra
  •   Sally Watts: Gryphons
  •   Gail-Nina Anderson: The Monstrous in Art
  •   Merrily Harpur: Parabormal aspects of British big cats
  •   Jonathan Downes: The CFZ annual report 2004
  •   Nick Redfern: tba
  •   Gary Cunningham: The Dobhar-chu: Ireland's "Master Otter".
  •   Nigel Wright: tba
  •   Chris Moiser: tba
  •   Darren Naish: tba
  •   Matthew Williams: Government files on Rudloe Manor
  •   Mark Fraser: An exhibition of 16 years of research into Scottish big cats

    Friday 20th - open day with free refreshments at the CFZ, and the CFZ Tiger Moth nature reserve.

    Other guests and attractions to be announced shortly.

    NB: The CFZ take no responsibility for any of the advertised speakers having to cancel.
    They will, however, be replaced by speakers of equal calibre,
    and we will make every attempt to make sure your weekend is as weird and as entertaining as ever.