Jon Downes is best known as the Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, but for the past quarter century he has been a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, rock musician, composer and stage performer, both solo, and with his art-rock ensemble The Amphibians from Outer Space (1982-2002).

In recent years Jon's music has taken second place to his work with the CFZ, but to mark the November 2007 release of Twlight over England, his first album of new material in four years, we are making it, and Jon's other albums, freely available to download on this website. As he says, the CFZ is his life's work and everything else is secondary to it. If - after listening to Jon's music - you would like to help, then all we ask is that you make a donation - no matter how big or how small - to the CFZ, using the paypal button below.

If Radiohead can do it, then why can't we?

WARNING: By the way, we think that we should point out that although the rest of the CFZ website is suitable for all ages, and although Jon's most frequent live appearances now are in church, these songs were all aimed at an adult audience, and strong language does occur both in the lyrics and the titles..