1 Absolute Nightmare
2 Funky Fatwa
3 Maxineleider
4 Men are from Mars, but Women are from Venus
5 Doing the best that I can
6 I wanna see you naked before I die
7 I don't love you anymore
8 I got dem ol' Roswell blues again Mama
9 A39 Revisited (Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke)
10 Samanthasong
11 I want to be a country boy again

This was my first full-length album of original material for eight years. During the immediate aftermath of the breakup of my first marriage, I underwent a creative drought that lasted for years. These songs, and the four on Hard Sports were quite literally all that I wrote. Even so, tracks 1 and 5 were hangovers from the old Amphibs days. The rest of them are basically, as it says in the opening number: "songs about terrorists, songs about drugs, and songs about girls that were shite". In those days I was a junkie, and I was lurching drunkenly from one doomed relationship to another. They are not days that I look back on with any pleasure. I like the album though....

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