1 Only the good die young
2 Cutting my wrists (for Christmas)
3 Hey You
4 To sail beyond the Sunset
5 =YocYoc

This was my first tentative attempt at returning to making music. Two of the songs (Christmas and Hey You were written at my friend Joyce's house in Leeds, after I had repayed her kindness in taking me in for Christmas by trying to commit suicide the day before Christmas Eve.

The other two were written back in Exeter. Only the good die young was actually almost an amphibs song, as we played around with it during the rehearsals for our one-off reunion show in May 2002 at the Weird Weekend. Time was against us, so I decided to record it solo instead. To sail beyond the sunset was written in the studio, and is basically three lines of Tennyson followed by eighteen bars of self-loathing, that I only realised some years later had been unwittingly stolen from Frank Zappa's I am the Slime.

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